Mount Kekes, Hungary

February 2015

Goole Mountaineering Club successfully tackled Mount Kekes, the highest peek in Hungary. Although medium in stature, it is often blighted by snow, making the summit more technically difficult.

Six members of the club got off to a hellish start. With recent bad weather in the UK and main Europe resulting in our plane being cancelled. After a 14 hour journey, we arrived in a small town called Gyongyos, approx 6km away.

Stephen Cawthorn and Wayne Pells led the group up the mountain, which for the first hour was a nice steady climb. With a local event, taking place on the mountain, we made time to stop and speak to the local organisers. They were inviting, insisting we try some of the local mulled wine and rest next to the campfire.

We set off with about two hours climb from the summit, but the previous bad weather made it treacherous under foot, often in places requiring the aid of a rope. Around 3km from the summit the climb was hard going with snow in places at knee depth.

We summited at 15:30 local time, with limited views due to the terrain. We had took time to enjoy the café before heading back down before sunset. Then took time to enjoy a day and night in the great city of Budapest. Experiencing the local thermal spas and 60p a pint prices, a truly amazing city.

A great trip with fantastic company.

Alt image
Goole Mountainnering Club at the summit of Mount Kekes in Hungary

Members who went: Stephen Cawthorn, Wayne Pells, Rick Collins, David Roffey, Matt Lindon & John Morrill.